2016 Reel + Recollection

*please excuse the sore throat and sick voice*

Transcription of vlog:

So this is gonna be my first post where you hear me talking. Through a microphone. Instead of through text in a blogpost. Because I think 2016 was such a huge year for me, it deserves more than just typed words.

So much happened. From gaining unforgettable friends, learning how to play businessman, closing deals, meeting the most amazing couples [*shout out to every couple I've met this past season], shooting in the Caribbean, putting my beginner's Italian to use, and getting a full appreciation for the city I was born and raised in.

But most of all, the biggest thing was graduating from McMaster University.

Not many people know this, but I stayed back a year in high school. When I graduated from Orchard Park Secondary School, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. I was also very very very quiet, so I'd often prefer to stay out of the spotlight, unless I was performing and was basically forced to show myself. I was shy, I was really shy.

So being pragmatic, I decided to go into the science research field where being outgoing didn't seem necessary.

But when I got to Mac, everyone welcomed me for who I was.  And when I decided to make a career switch into video, instead of strictly science research, everyone made me feel like I was supposed to do that.

When I became the cinematographer for the McMaster Science Society, my entire life changed for the better. I grew myself as a cameraman with so much support. I was shooting promo after promo, and continuing to meet people everyday.

And everyone I met made me feel like I mattered – and what I was doing mattered. When I was barely scraping by as a strict science student, I knew I wasn't supposed to be on that path. But allowing myself to take on personal projects I wanted to do, showing people who I actually was, talking to people, going out of my way to meet people… that's when I knew I was on the right track.

So I continued to make video after video, with a few professional freelance jobs here and there, and I would not have been able to grow this much without the people I met at Mac.

Undergrad wasn't about learning the physics of various rocket fuel chemistry, in order to study alien biology in a habitable planet zone, and then translating the calculus of its projectile motion into scientific literature…

It was there for me to learn and grow who I am, and meet the most encouraging, unforgettable, amazing, and supportive group of people I've ever known.

And I can never thank you guys enough for letting me feel happy about being 1 out of 22,500 undergrads.

Thank you for letting me be part of your 2016.