Balancing Self-Dependency and Co-Dependency In Relationships

Balancing Self-Dependency and Co-Dependency

A healthy security
with those you love
requires both.


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Much like the quartet,
each person has their own sound,
their own dynamics,
their own accents,
their own soul.

You are instrumental,
and you must trust
your own growing skill
as an individual
in self-dependency.

Trust yourself.

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But it's in the coordination
that brings the greatest harmony.
Coming together
and relying on others.

We need to
trust and offer
hands of support. 

Think of the people closest to you.
You can call them
your partner, your family, your friends
because they make you feel loved.
They bring security to
your attachment needs.

We all need that.
We need each other.

Trust yourself, and your self-worth.
Trust others, and their support.


"The whole is greater than the sum of its parts"

- Aristotle

Surprise Proposal At Chedoke Falls

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