February 2019 PROMO

Happy Monday, friends!




It's the first Monday of the month – one of twelve months to feel gratitude. A month where your favourite team comes close to the Lombardi, where history is explored, and where love is the ever-present theme. A time where holiday debt and cold weather is the lingering image before the brighter horizon.

A month when the legendary Saint Valentine was brought into spectacle for liberating those in love. Combatting the oppressive law of an emperor who forbade marriage.


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The emperor who thought that marriage and a loving family would only distract and divert his soldiers.

But good old St. V fought this, sacrificing his own safety for his belief in what is arguably the most human of emotions.

To love.




We celebrate this priest on the 14th of the month, showing affection through candies, cards and carats. And this month, I want to offer a little bit of warmth to push through that lingering cold.

In acknowledging Valentine's day on the 14th, there is a 14% off discount period throughout February 2019. For those couples looking to book their wedding day cameraman this month.

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Whether or not your team won, and whether or not the winter air makes an icicle of your nose, let's keep living through 2019 with love.



Only until February 28, 2019