How To Know You're In A Good Relationship

I love meeting happy couples. It gives me optimism for the future global population, the future of our society, as well as my own familial future.

It usually starts with a Starbucks meetup, a nice "hey, great to finally meet you two in person!", and then a bit of wedding day scheduling. But the best part is usually near the end, asking how they met, what it was like, how it led to this wedding. The emotional questions. Everyone has their own little quirks and turn-ons, but the consensus surrounding today's fiancés is "it just worked".

"I wasn't planning for it"

"She was a friend of a friend"

"We went to the same school"

"It just worked".


It's never that romanticized prince charming who fought dragons to 'win' her and her kingdom. It's always just by chance that they already shared the same kingdom. The same interests. The same expectations. The same pathway. The same family values. And the same outlook on life. Whether they met through a mutual friend, through their parents, or through tinder, the happy couples always say it just works.

That means:

No on-and-off relationship complications,

No constant drama, and

No forceful changes in character.

I see today's growing millennial culture pushing towards growth of the self and maximizing personal results. Which is important. But what's equally important is being aware that a marriage or romantic relationship shouldn't be an end result. "It just coincidentally happened while trying to be the best version of myself."

I'm not saying to stop aiming for a good relationship. I'm just saying not to try too hard and force it.

It just works.