How To Make It In 2019

How To Make It In 2019

Imagine holding the power of flight. Fast flight. Zipping up and above the rockies, snow peaks disappearing among the white flat canvas as the projectile winds force you to squint. You're headed somewhere. Ears burning from your thunderous momentum. You have this amazing power, but you can't appreciate it just yet. You see your altitude destination, endure the pain a little longer as you fly faster and higher. It's the home stretch. 8 more seconds. What is it like? Why are you going? Where are you going?

You're going into 2019.

2018 was a gust of wind and all you want now is peace. Happiness. Success. Frosty clouds just beneath you, and the sun's warmth revitalizing any numbness. But how do you make it there, make the most of it, and how do you make sure those chilling winds don't drain you again? Let me explain.

1. Take on 2019 by KNOWING 2020, 2025, 2040. Know the future.

Think about where you want to be after 2019 and reverse engineer that journey. Don't do what you did this year and wing the flight. Don't get me wrong; look down and appreciate how far you've come, because that deserves an applause. But understand that you have to see where you're going to be where you're going. And be specific.

Ask your future self these questions:

Where is your physical address?

How do you want to wake up every morning?

What is your perfect day and how many times a week do you pull it off? So how do you pull it off?

2. Look around you and who do you want to be there with you? Know WHO’S THERE.

As you fly amongst the clouds, look beside you. Look at all the antsy people also searching for solace. Now take this in: in ninety years, there's a high chance that none of them will be here. Including ourselves. We all have a finite timestamp to fly. But coasting in the wind doesn't happen without these people beside you. Whether they're your customers, clients, coworkers, friends, best friends, significant other, family. Homo sapiens is a social animal, and the only reason we can even imagine flying is because of the helping hands that lift us. You needed them to get where you are. And I'll always appreciate every one of you. But we're all on our own flight and can't expect everyone to stay near, just as others shouldn't expect an undying fuel supply from ourselves. There's only so much energy we can give and it's up to you to decide where it goes and who feels it.

So ask your future self these questions:

Where, and by whom does your finite energy get used?

Where are the symbiotic relationships with the most positive growth?

How do you cultivate these relationships?

3. Know that you are only a subjective bundle of nerves and reactions. Know your self.

Meditate. Practice mindful and hypersensitive awareness of your bodily sensations. I'm probably the last guy you'll want to ask about "true" mindful meditation, but the art of observing your thoughts and emotions is the first step in seeing the world. Think about that. Every single thing you know about the world is based on your heavily-biased emotional perspective. Feeling hangry? Understand you're hangry and you'll want to lash out when someone asks you a seemingly-hostile question. Feeling lonely? Understand you're feeling alone and tend to make decisions that mitigate this loneliness, even if these decisions are detrimental in the long term. Feeling at peace and in the moment with those around you? Good – that's how to do it. Know that your body concocts various biochemical reactions based on what you subjectively see and feel, and these reactions lead to further feelings and the want to take action. Accept these feelings for what they are – feelings. Neither good nor bad. You can either give in to their associated reactions, or you can choose to let them float on by. In either case, know your capabilities and limits. And know that you're in control of what happens.

So ask your future self these questions:

What causes a broiling anger inside you, and do you know that you can let it pass?

When do you feel most relaxed?

What makes you happy?


As you slowly stop the flight of 2018, and wind down to a cozy 2019 air this holiday season, remember just how special of a power you hold. There is no one else with your genetic makeup in this moment of time, and there never will be. Appreciate your self, your loved ones, and everything that has yet to come ♥️