[CinePhoto Fusion] Sam + Alex: January 2017

One of the newest packages I'm starting to offer includes both photo and video in one session – the "CinePhoto Fusion".

With all the couple shoots I've been on, there has always been room for more to shoot. If I was initially recording video, there would have been more time to get some unbelievable photos; if I was initially shooting photos, there would have been more time to shoot some stunning video clips. It's always a shame to deeply get to know a couple, and then limit their full potential in front of the camera.

You can find more information HERE

The first sample of this is with Samantha and Alex – an adorable couple I knew from McMaster University, and some very dear friends. Is there a word for feeling empathetic passion, real love, and enchanting admiration all at the same time?

I can only hope for you to feel this too.

Film Clip:


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