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This Is Why Your Type Isn't Working

And How To Maturely Fix The Problems With Your Type

We all have a type we’re most attracted to. There's no doubt about it. "He's gotta have big arms" - "She's gotta have long hair" - "Oh it's his eyes" - "Her laugh is so contagious". Consciously or not, we were raised with a set of requirements we look for in a significant other. Let's take a look at: why you have a type in the first place, why your type isn't working, and how to fix it.

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How To Succeed In A Complementary Relationship

What Does It Mean To Be Complementary?

The trick with this is to find the right person to complete you. How do we know if someone completes us in the right way? Is my partner too different? Is my boyfriend too immature? Is my girlfriend too childish? Are me and my significant other incompatible?

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