Taking Control Of Change

My last week of class is over.

Not just my last week of the semester / the year / undergrad.

But my last week of class in [conventional] academia. Ever.

And reflecting back, as I tend to write about, I've grown.

I've grown from a shy little 18 year-old (who'd be sweating his head off doing a thesis presentation) into a 22 year-old who thinks 15 minutes wasn't long enough for the spot light.

Aaron Daniel Films - Taking Control Of Change - Photo 1

I've grown from a timid first year (who wouldn't be caught trying to sing in a band) into a lively fourth year who spontaneously volunteers to sing solo at coffee houses to kill time.

Aaron Daniel Films - Taking Control Of Change - Photo 2

I've grown from washing dishes (or doing miserable office work) to following a drive for storytelling and producing videos.

My life story has changed drastically for the better. Noticeably so since the end of high school, but very much so in the last 8 or 9 months. Since the beginning of my fourth year. But why?

I took control of CHANGE.


Mutations in DNA lead to new species. Alterations in policies restructure society. Every second you become one second older.

And it can go either 1 of 2 ways.

  1. Well
  2. Not so well

You want to choose the former.

You want to make the most out of every second in order to restructure who you are as a member of our species.


But how?

First, let's personify Change.

Let's imagine Change as a pesky little primate always in the background – either 1) picking out the bugs in your life, or 2) hitting you.

Now let's say Change can talk, and he says he follows a pattern. "Every time you do something specific, I always do something specific to you in return. I can pick out those bugs, or hurt your growth; It can go well or not so well."


And the first variable in doing this is to


Learn from your past. Use every single moment you've endured as a growing individual as reminders on growing properly. Think about how you got here and understand why/when/how the good things happened. When Change makes a big impact, you have to know how to control him and make him help you. Every decision you make facilitates either 1 of 2 actions by Change.


Think about a time when Change hit you with a stick.

This can be things like doing poorly on exams

This can be things like hating your job

This can be things like getting footage that doesn't work for the final video edit.

Think about a time when Change hit you with a stick and hurt your growth towards the person you want to be.


Do you accept this pain and run away in hopes of never having to experience it again?

This is when Change opens his mouth again and says:


Next time, study smarter to do better on your exams!

Next time, understand what you actually want in a job! Quit your current job asap.

Next time, know what types of shots you want in the final video, and prepare to get them!


Honestly, take a few seconds/minutes/hours out of your day to reflect on major events that happened in your life. Did it hurt? Did it help? Analyze and choose your opinions/actions now, so you can quickly act on them when Change creeps up. And acting on what you've learned is the second important variable.


Potential change in your business partners

1: So what exactly do you do?

[After a negative experience in the past that started the same way, I learned to properly sell myself]

2: Hey, nice to meet you *shake hands* I'm Aaron of Aaron Daniel Films and what I do is help people. I like to help people voice their stories, ideas, or products to an audience and provide a video outlet for them to do so! This includes [..]

Potential change in your job through an interview setup

1: So what makes you uniquely qualified for this position?

[After a negative experience in the past that started the same way, I learned to properly sell myself]

2: That's a great question, because it is true that I don't have an academic background in video production, which was said to be an asset in the application. But I believe my experience outside academia has given me more than enough experience within the video and promotional fields of work. This shows through […]

Potential change in your relationship status

1: Hey, can you tell me where Tim Horton's / Union Market / Starbucks / William's / IAHS Café / Mini Mac / La Piazza is?

[After a lost opportunity, and beating myself up for not taking action, I've learned what I could have said]

2: Yeah, it's just around the corner! I'm on my way to get a coffee myself, and I could lead the both of us. [Hopefully she accepts lol]. Nice to meet you *shake hands* I'm Aaron […]


Final Equation:


That's all it is. Exploit your past, and make it change the way you act.

A lot of people say I think too much. And sometimes I do.

But sometimes I indulge in taking a step back and reflecting on myself.

I remember accepting an office job at a health research institute, taking a photo for my personal ID card, and then inputting data into a computer. And then inputting data into a computer. And then inputting data into a computer. And then maybe socializing for an hour. And then inputting data into a computer. And then inputting data into a computer.

It was contracted for a month, the pay was good and steady, and they eventually asked me to stay longer. I could have said yes, endured the mind-numbing pain of sitting at a desk for 8 hours, and have the luxury of financial security.

But that wasn't meant for my life story. After 2 days on the job, I felt Change's stick beating away at my sedentary body.

I learned from that pain and got out as soon as possible.

I already learned and knew what job made me excited, so that's the path I walked with Change.