The Place Doesn't Make Paradise

The People Do.

So the job was to create photos and videos of these lovely travel agents in Antigua – showing their adventures around resorts, their fun around the beaches, and their overall experience in this exotic land. And while I was shooting them, I was getting a ton of messages from friends, wishing they could be where I was. And I definitely understand that, but it wasn't until I left these resorts/beaches/exotic lands to realize what actually made this trip amazing.

These ladies. They were an absolute blast to shoot.

For a full week, I'd wake up, have my morning coffee, make my way to breakfast, record their crude breakfast stories, sip some more coffee, follow their tours around the island, watch them make fun of each other, cover my face from the scorching sun, pretend I have the slightest clue about make up, and down some more coffee to hike up the mountainous locations.

And these locations did look amazing on camera, but what really made the experience were these ladies.

At least one of them could either teach me about Antigua, start scientific conversation, give insight on experiencing life, keep me motivated to follow a dream, talk about girls, salsa to a live band, and mostly have an unforgettable experience. The place didn't make paradise, the people did.

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