The Travel Chest: Destination Wedding and Elopement Videography and Photography

♥️🗺 Woooo finally thought it through, crunched some numbers, and put it together. Lisbon and Rome are my favourite two cities I’ve ever been to, and I’m still feeling that itch of the travel bug. So I've officially launched a packaged film and photograph option for Destination Weddings and Elopements!

The Travel Chest is my newest package. If there's one thing I want to capture, it's your dreamy, moody, adventurous and intimate time together. And what better way than in a faraway land, full of new sights and experiences. Myself and my partner(s) will be with you the entire wedding day, capturing the wonder of your location and the awe of your getaway love. With the astounding visuals, any heartfelt speeches, and an amazing cinematic soundtrack, your destination wedding film and photographs will be an heirloom you'll treasure for generations. Magnificently crafted into a 6-8 minute film, 150 edited photographs, and packaged into a USB flashdrive as an .mov file and .jpg files (as well as 5x7 photo prints), all imagery will be completely free to be uploaded on any of your online social media outlets! Trust me, you'll want to be sharing everything that The Travel Chest has to offer.



6-8 Minute Film

150 Photographs

Full Wedding Day Coverage

2-3 Cinematographers/Photographer

30-60 second InstaClip