Wedding Photography: Mirian + Patrick // May 12, 2018


Just delivered these photographs to this loving couple. I've mentioned their story before, and I'll say it again, imagine being 880m above sea level, walking across a 100m suspension bridge, seeing British Columbia's mountains, forests, and rivers, and then turning around to your boyfriend on one knee… How does this not touch your heart?!

From their undeniable love, unforgettable laughs, and deeply affectionate families, it's hard to not look up to their warmth for each other. Not to mention how coincidentally incredible it was to find out that we're related 🤷🏻‍♂️ (surprisingly found out that my lola and lolo were invited to the wedding 🕺🏻).  I truly can't say enough about how loving these two are.

Sincerely a day to always remember, and as always, sending my love to these two ✌🏼

Pre-Wedding Video:


Corpus Christi Church, Hamilton, Ontario

Bridal Party Photos:

Royal Botanical Gardens, Hamilton, Ontario


Michelangelo Banquet Centre, Hamilton, Ontario

Second Photography:

Katie Marie Photography