Wise Words in Cuba

🌴🌊 I bumped into a 72 year old Filipino man on the beach, and he started talking to me about moving out of the Philippines, establishing himself in Mississauga, managing surgical practices and making his way as a chiropodist. He asked me what I went to school for, and I said "science, but I do camera work now"

"At least you got the feel for science! You know what you don't like, and what works for you. How are you going to figure things out if you don't do them? Sometimes, you know, we get students into the chiropody program at the Michener institute, and they're too scared to do surgery. Then I say 'how are you going to work if you're too scared' *with a noticeable Ilocano accent*? You're young, go take risks. Like with one of the beautiful girls here. How do you know they don't like you if you don't go up to them? And if they're not interested, they probably have their eyes on someone else. It's not personal. Like business. Keep going."

9 friends from elementary school, high school, and university.

A much needed (all inclusive 🍹) escape to personally reflect on who/what/where things are going and happening.

Is it weird to realize I'd rather be relaxing on the shore than speeding around in a motor boat?

Or listening to old rich people tell me about their retired/business/foreign/family lives than riding vespas through Varadero?

Or having life chats with a cigar and beer/cappuccino rather than funnelling a keg of cerveza?

It's eye opening to realize this. When you're slowly moving towards a life where you don't need to be in a tropical land to be excited for the day. Happy for the day. Work keeps you in that excited and happy momentum.

When I'm on vacation, I'd rather relax… (unless I'm in Havana Club and they drop Despacito πŸ’ƒ)