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Anniversary Photos At Webster Falls, Hamilton Ontario

A Quick Word // Steph + Kevin

One of the greatest things about being a cameraman is seeing how love can mean different things to different people. How love can take forms in many ways. And how love can change over time, growing bigger and deeper as it adapts to the environment that feeds it.

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Wedding Film: Jess + Sam // September 21, 2018

“Today I vow to you, in front of our friends and family, to always stay true to you. To be the best version of myself. To see the best in you in times of heartache, sorrow, and happiness. I vow to remind you daily of my continuously growing love for you. To hold and comfort you in times of sadness. To laugh with you in times of joy. And be by your side in times of need. You’re an extension of my heart and soul, and today I promise to love you now and forever.”

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