The Novel

Your unique intimacy can only be conveyed by filming in a unique way. This means I stay away from filming in the old-school fashion. No lights in your guests' faces, no massive bags carrying hundreds of tripods, and no wasting hours trying to setup a slider at every second of the day. That just screams "corporate video" to me, and cookie-cutter business is the last thing I want for your special day.

I want to see your reactions in the moment. Being silly, emotional, authentic, fun, affectionate, strong, loving or anything else you truly are is what I truly want. I need you to fulfill your life's purpose by loving who you are and letting it show.

I get this out of you two before the wedding is even planned, during the morning preparations, while you wait in anticipation amongst your closest family and friends, and when you look at each other for the first time and realize "wow, this is just the beginning". 

I may be recording and editing your film, but you're the real filmmakers, writers, producers, and actors behind it.



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