The Purpose Of Life



To create great art is to understand love.

The greatest artists produce their greatest works knowing full well how people love. How people fulfill their purpose of life.

Portraying human affection through paint.

Embodying infatuation through lyric and sound.

Crafting words into narratives of tender characters and plot.

Wedding filmmaking is no exception. 

I believe the greatest wedding films are those that are produced with the full understanding of how love works. How love leads to marriage, how a couple interacts with each other and the world, and how to best embody that exact love into a cinematic masterpiece.



About Aaron

I'm a wedding filmmaker born-and-raised out of the gritty, charming, and sometimes wholesome city of Hamilton, Ontario. For the past 5 years, I've been shooting events and weddings professionally (as well as corporate ads and music videos), and I've realized that the most impactful films are those that spring out of an understanding of human love. When a couple is directed based on their emotional connection, the more true and raw the film becomes.

You can tell right away who is being directed with an understanding of love. They emit a genuine smile to all things in front of them, act with noticeable kindness, and are reminiscent of what only top Hollywood actors can embody.


5 Years of Aaron Daniel Films


Aaron and his team are absolutely AMAZING and we honestly can't say enough great things about them. First of all, planning a wedding is a stressful time (for most, anyways!) and sometimes it's hard to convey your true vision to the vendors you're working with. With Aaron, he understood everything we wanted immediately and played his vision off of who we are as a couple.

After our initial meeting with him, we just knew that he "got" us and that we were in very good hands. Fast forward a few months later to our wedding day, and we cannot believe how easy he was to work with on the big day. He is literally a fly on the wall, stays out of the commotion but somehow captures EVERYTHING... from tears, to laughter, to random dancing while getting ready... he has such an amazing eye for emotion and amusement.

Speaking of, Aaron and Vincent are hilarious and add to the party. They truly felt like friends and made the entire experience a dream.

As for our wedding film? His work speaks for itself.
It is GORGEOUS and we cried within seconds.


STEPH + KEVIN // married 2018



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