The Purpose Of Life

To love.

To love all that is in front of you. To love those you are with.

I'm a wedding filmmaker born-and-raised out of the gritty, charming, and sometimes wholesome city of Hamilton, Ontario. For the past 5 years, I've been shooting events and weddings professionally (as well as corporate ads and music videos), and I've realized that the happiest humans are those that fully give in to love.

To love the present moment.

You can tell right away who lives this true purpose of being human. They find joy in everything they do. They appreciate everyone they're with. And they emit a genuine smile to all things in front of them.

I see this with musicians who love their craft, writers who gush at their brainstormed ideas, and most importantly, couples who have entered the most blissful acceptance of knowing they’ll continue loving the other at the altar.




The witnessing of love, the words from those in love, the authentic curiosity and wonder of love at every single wedding/engagement shoot is what touches my heart. And I know it touches all our hearts as a human species, too. Because it's our most primal instinct.

But with that, I know it can also be very hard to do. We've all loved and we've all lost. I’ve lost family to heartwrenching disease, friends from life-altering change, and things to unexplainable situations. And that's the opposite of love's double-edged sword. Losing what we love.

This website helps to reduce our sense of loss by sharing the growing love stories with every film posted, and with every blog article published. The blog is where I share how to create a loving life, satiate our emotional intelligence, and plant and grow what we love most. I do this through the loving experiences I've had, the true stories and research I continue to read, and the countless weddings I've rewatched time and time again. I'm always super thankful I get to surround myself with such supportive people, while getting to share their experiences throughout this website.

Top Ontario Wedding Videographer

Your Wedding Filmmaker

If I'm not seen editing or reading with a large black coffee in Centennial Parkway's Coffee Culture, the Starbucks in the Meadowlands, or on McMaster University campus, I'm probably out with my camera or reading a book.

A) I could be driving to Sherman Falls blasting some Bocelli on the speakers or Yuval Noah Harari's audiobooks at 1.25 speed,

B) walking along the Bruce Trail with The Beatles in my ears or replaying Robert Greene's classic words,

C) or near Confederation Park wishing James Bay could do a pop-up show during golden hour — with Eckhart Tolle and Gary Vaynerchuk as the strangest collaborative show opener.

And if I'm not catching up on Peaky Blinders, re-watching or re-reading quotes from The Godfather, the evening usually sees me tickling the ivories or attempting some Ed Sheeran on guitar.

Here at Aaron Daniel Films, we believe in the freedom to fulfill our life's purpose:

To do what we love and to love who we're with. To love freely and fully in this very moment.


For those getting married:

Through the wedding films created for you, your unique intimacy can only be conveyed by filming in a unique way. This means I stay away from filming in the old-school fashion and listen deeply to who you are as a couple. No lights in your guests' faces, no massive bags carrying hundreds of tripods, and no wasting hours trying to setup a slider at every second of the day. That just screams "corporate video" to me, and cookie-cutter business is the last thing I want for your special day. I want to see your reactions in the moment. Being silly, emotional, authentic, fun, affectionate, strong, loving or anything else you truly are is what I truly want. I need you to fulfill your life's purpose by loving who you are and letting it show.

I want to feel this with you two before the wedding is even planned, during the morning preparations, while you wait in anticipation amongst your closest family and friends, and when you look at each other for the first time and realize "wow, this is just the beginning".

I may be recording, editing, and sharing your film, but you're the real filmmakers, writers, producers, and actors behind it