2018 Wedding Reel


2018 REEL

They say time slows down when we experience new things, so thank you to everyone who made 2018 the amazing long ride that it was. From the countless number of wedding weekends, to the special moments in between, meeting each of you this year was truly unforgettable (especially since I’ve watched your beautiful faces a billion times in the edit 🙋🏻‍♂️)

As we begin 2019, I’d urge you to take in this idea of experiencing life:

There are 3 versions of you. The anticipating self, the experiencing self, and the reminiscent self. One living for the future, the present, and the past. Often times, we romanticize our anticipating and reminiscent selves, boosting what we will see and what we have seen… but never truly boosting what we are currently seeing. Our experiencing selves are often neglected. We may feel the hype of planning a trip to a foreign land, but frequently emphasize the “wow it’s too hot and the lines are too long” or “where the eff is the wifi” mindset when we’re actually there – in the same way that we look back and think “wow that trip was amazing” in hindsight... but do we honestly experience that “amazing-ness”?

For all my self-made and improving friends who constantly prepare in the anticipating self,

For any couples looking back to happier times in the reminiscent self (maybe through a wedding video 😏),

And for anyone who feels disjointed in time and place,

Bring out your experiencing self.

The entire beauty of your life is built on it.

They say time slows down when we experience new things.

Wise men have also said time stretches with a mere kiss.

So cheers to 2019 and making it the longest year yet 🥂