25th Birthday

🎂💭 How am I 25 years old?!

I turned 25 yesterday, and for all the experiences had and sights seen, this past year has been the most challenging, fulfilling, and the longest marathon with the most forks in the road. For the longest time, I've wanted to do this video thing as a living – doing everything possible to carve myself into the best niche for who I am. And now I'm starting to see where planning long term and ruminating in the clouds is actually detrimental. Because I literally crashed.

Last month I crashed my car.
Looking too far ahead without looking right in front.
And that's what I'm currently trying to figure out.
Balancing long-term clouds and attentive dirt.

In school, you're taught to do what you can within the deadline. But what if the only deadline you have is the one you put on yourself? Mix that with pro-workaholic culture in starting/running/being a business. It's hard not to bite off more than you can chew. Or spread yourself too thin. Or look too far without looking right ahead. And that’s how burnt out I’ve been feeling over the past few months.

If you scroll down my feed to my birthday last year, two things I learned at 23 was to "Trust yourself, no one knows you better than you" and "Understand that everyone has different wants/needs". And now at 25 reflecting at 24, I'd say these five things...

1. You can't always know yourself or know your own wants/needs until you live it.
2. Do you really want to keep going at the rate you're going, and in the direction your headed?
3. Audit yourself, monitor your dashboard, and be aware of your surroundings and how you fit in it.
4. Strategizing maintenance is just as important as strategizing the move.
5. But never stop pushing forward, because neutral will only bring your drive to a halt.

Shout out to squad that I don't see as much, but still feel close when far destinations are accomplished or when roads get bumpy.
Shout out to squad who find ways to work with me, plan bonfires, or come into the office.
And shout out to every couple who’s been paving the road to the dream destination I don’t even know yet 🔥♥️