5 Years of Aaron Daniel Films

5 Years of Aaron Daniel Films

The Takeaway

What happens at 5 years?

Mid-2014 was the start of my freelancing 'career', and the start of self-discovery and self-employment. And what does this give you?

Creative freedom.

Freedom of choice, of rejection, and of understanding your true joys and what to give your all (a la @markmansonnet's words).

"I want to shoot weddings, what advice do you have?" is a frequent question by the experimenting videographer. Which I'd answer with "Keep experimenting."

Doing well in specific niches of creativepreneur work deserves the Gladwellian 10 000 hours. If you're not in it to give that Vayner-like value, there are a million other ways to make a living - weddings are far from a laidback time. So keep experimenting and looking for your own custom-fit niche in possible blue oceans.

We all grow and mature in our own ways, and only focused time will help us grow. For me and weddings, 5 years is only the beginning. For every couple at the altar, it’s only the beginning. Right now is only the beginning. And right now is all that we’ll ever have.

Like the letter ‘A’ and the sprouting tree, we’re all at the beginning of something.


P.S. - You may notice some changes soon