Wedding Proposal At Dundas Peak

Behind The Scenes:

Preparing a surprise proposal At Dundas Peak in Hamilton, Ontario

Friday after work, the group chat kept going off. Messages from him and his cousins,

  • "I will be at the peak at 6"
  • "Harv, you need to come a bit later"
  • "Google Maps says it'll take us 47mins"
  • "About to leave"
  • "I need 5 mins"
  • "Kill some time"
  • "We're on route"
  • "Try to find a few rocks on the way up just in case you guys need them. So the stuff doesn't blow away"

His cousins met me at the Tews Falls parking lot, quickly took out all the décor, and made our way out of clear sight as soon as we could. We knew Harveer and Puneet would be coming soon, so we had to start our 20 minute walk asap.

This was just after 6pm, so the sun was beginning to set into the perfect spot for the surprise shoot. Dundas Peak is an absolute gorgeous location for any type of shoot, especially a proposal.

As we made our way to the peak, I kept note of all the people passing by. Starting to think up worrisome thoughts, like "Oh no, what if it's packed?!" or

"Ouff, how are we going to keep the décor from flying over the cliff?!" or

"What if we can't setup in time?!"

And I wish I knocked on wood, because once we got there, there were a whole lot more people than I hoped for.

Right away, his cousins blocked off the spot Harveer wanted to place his decoration while I tried to claim the little area as best I could. Whipping out two cameras, slinging them on my Holdfast Gear straps, and trying to ask people if they could at least quiet down in the next 10-15 minutes

By this time, Harveer must have been parking with Puneet – going for their "oh, it's just a quick walk before dinner" hike.

Whew, so the décor held up, the winds weren't strong, and the spot was claimed.


The few hikers understood what was going on, and all it took was a "hey, would it be alright if we kept quiet in the next 10ish minutes?"

But now to deal with the tourists making loud (obnoxiously effing loud) conversation. I couldn't understand what language they were speaking, but they seemed to understand. "Yes, no problem!"

Ok good, they got it

So I turned back towards our spot and took some more detailed shots. The cousins were gone, hiding in the bushes and only planning to come out after the question was popped.

But the gosh darn family tourists with their point and shoots were still there. I thought they were walking back up into the trail, but they slowly came back down. Wth

I looked at the time on my phone and thought "Ugh, they'll be here soon."

So I kept eyeing them down, making it known to either keep walking or quiet down. (I know it's a public place, but all I needed was at least the first minute of quiet as he got down on his knee😇)

One of the girls started to come up to me. Wth bro.

"Can you take a quick photo of us?"

I politely agreed, quickly got them all into frame against that graffiti-rich wall at the edge of the peak, and said "3, 2, 1…" and took about 230857 photos.

Looked down at my watch, and knew they'd be near now. Maybe 1, 2 minutes?

"Is that okay guys?" I said, hoping they'd take it and go.

"Oh, one more one more"


"3, 2, 1…"

1 more minute

"Thank you!" they said

I was so relieved.

They all started walking up. I looked at the time, and started to hide behind that graffiti wall.



Peaked over the wall.

There they were!