Rebamontan: A Silver Anniversary

Webster's Falls.

Dundurn Castle.

Sam Lawrence Park.

All prime locations for shooting couples – and this was especially seen while shooting the Rebamontan husband and wife celebrating their silver wedding anniversary. While spending the day with them, and listening to the few stories about their 25 years together, it was hard finding a dull moment without a smile on my face.

These two were amazing to shoot and a breeze to direct.

"Can we do that again?"

"Let's redo that hug one last time. Maybe a few more times."

"We'll walk down this way, and sit on that rock!"

Although I couldn't make it to their actual 25th anniversary event, I really wanted to put something together for this family. So this engagement/anniversary video was what I could do.

Along with the help of Brian Zheng Photography, the day zipped by faster than ever. Their daughter, Kat, and friend, Jimmy, also made this shoot as efficient as possible – along with the guided preparation of their son, Reno!

Even with the scorching sun, this cast and crew pushed through like it was nothing. Smiles, holding hands, telling stories. The day could not have been better.