They Have Amazing Back Stories

Over the past month and a bit, I've been doing the top cliché thing to do after graduation: traveling. Not across the world or anything… but to me, a foreign province and a Caribbean island are still novel experiences.

And while I'm shooting a bunch of different tourist locations, I'm beginning to notice a constant demographic flocking to these prime locations. These people are everywhere – herding to the most attractive locations while I try not to get them in the shot, they take the most scenic seats at the most lavish restaurants, and they hardly keep their eyes/mouths/ears off of themselves. 


They're everywhere I want my camera to be… and over hearing their conversations are one of the most heartfelt stories you'll ever pretend to ignore.

"Oh, honey, remember how we tried throwing coins into this fountain? And you thought it would be funny to throw it facing the opposite way? I hated you that whole weekend! I can still feel the bump on my forehead from that quarter"

"The kids would hate it here. It's a good thing your mom hates me too, otherwise she'd want to be here instead of taking care of them"

"I missed you"

No individual is the same, and couples are exponentially more different. The only consistency is that they have amazing back stories.